Bob Rothman and His Service Win Praise from Clients

Bob Rothman and His Service Win Praise from Clients

Through his Racing Advisory Service, Bob Rothman has helped many people learn how to swiftly navigate through the complicated world of placing bets on horse races in the UK. In fact, he has built a strong clientele that continues to return to his service for worthy information on a regular basis. While Rothman has collected […]

What it Takes to Become a Professional Gambler

What it Takes to Become a Professional Gambler

While many adults have become accustomed to casual gambling—such as playing the endless lines of slot machines in Vegas or placing bets for fun at the horse races—only a few have come to define themselves as professional gamblers. Professional gambling may seem luxurious at times—as the payouts can prove rather impressive—but the work behind it […]

Rothman Gains Press Attention

Rothman Gains Press Attention

When it comes to professional gambling and investing in the services of a tipster, individuals find themselves putting a lot on the line. How can they know that their tipster is trustworthy? More importantly, how can those placing bets know that they have the best odds when it comes to winning? As Bob Rothman has […]

Bob Rothman – Horse Racing Tipster

Bob Rothman Bob Rothman – Horse Racing TipsterBob Rothman is a recognized horse racing tipster who has come to truly understand the complex nature of analyzing the elements of UK horse races. Every day, Rothman spends hours assessing statistics and performance figures to form comprehensive calculations and determine which horses will end up where in their races. In addition, Rothman has distinguished himself from other tipsters, as well as bookies, for utilizing authentic specialist information and industry contracts to form well-rounded assessments—allowing him to pass on his highly valued racing tips to his clients on a regular basis.

More about Bob Rothman

Rothman’s 20 years of success in the betting world were no accident; in fact, before becoming a leading professional gambler, he led a comprehensive career that provided him with his adept skills in analysis and forming predictions. As a student at university, Rothman perfected his education in the “numbers game” by studying finance and accounting. Such proficiency in higher education allowed him to join the PricewaterhouseCoopers team—the world’s biggest professional and accounting services firm. Later, Rothman continued to utilize his analytical abilities to enter the computing industry.

While Rothman led a successful career backed with a strong education in his field, he craved greater accomplishment—a level of success that could only prove defined by the power of measurable skill Having long proven inspired by the professional “player” John Gough—famous for his betting proficiency—Rothman knew that horse racing could open up the opportunity he was seeking to increase his ability to earn more and participate in a thrilling yet rewarding career.

Getting Started as a Professional Gambler

Although there is often a stigma attached to bookies, gamblers and tipsters, Rothman was determined to set himself apart from the rest as a legitimate professional gambler. Essentially, he knew that by blending his extensive knowledge of horse racing, professional contacts and statistical abilities he could create a solid system that would excel above all others in the industry. Eventually he had to switch games to becoming a proven tipster when the bookies banned him for winning and he was left with no other outlets to get bets on.But he would have to first make his name in the gambling industry.

At the beginning of his endeavours, Rothman first tried to break into the field by reaching out for contacts and racing industry professionals that he believed could help. However, finding useful and legitimate contacts proved a tough challenge. Over time, Rothman’s efforts paid off and he eventually came into contact with a trusted odds-complier and private handicapper; then another and another: these connections gave him the first real boost to build his foundation in the world of professional horse race gambling.

As with any other industry, Bob Rothman found that the best way to remain a legitimate and trusted source was to network with others who had the same intention. By working with and learning from other professional “punters,” Rothman was able to turn gambling into a veritable business that continued to strengthen with every winning selection he made.

Early Challenges in the Tipster Game

Although he had formed strong contacts in the world of horse racing and professional gambling, Bob Rothmanknew that he had his work cut out for him. Still, it was his commitment to success that allowed him to get where he is today—a level of dedication that many tipsters and gamblers fail to acknowledge when trying to quickly build up their winning abilities.

While he utilized comprehensive money management techniques—aided by his experiences in finance and accounting—Rothman found that learning the finer details of becoming a punter was costly. In fact, before he made his mark in the professional gambling world, Rothman had to spend nearly £35,000. Still, that large investment paid off—as he came to earn more than £440,000 in only his second year of full-time professional gambling.

Even in the face of the several moves bookies made to put Rothman out of business, he continued to prove a true player, especially as his system continued to indicate winners. Still, he continued to face challenges, and had to deal with getting banned; he was even closed by 25  bookmakersin just the span of one year. While that may seem like a negative thing, Rothman was inspired to push on, as getting banned is an indicator of victory in the world of professional gambling.

Today, Rothman has made his mark in professional gambling circles by creating his Racing Advisory Service. The Racing Advisory Service serves as a trusted community in which members can join for a nominal fee to access Rothman’s tips.

Bob Rothman Explains His Racing Advisory Service

Rothman’s betting service operates uniquely, and while it continues to deliver success to its active members, many fail to take provided tips to heart. In order to understand the boost that Rothman’s Racing Advisory Service provides, it is best to look at some of the basic answers to some common questions.

Where does Rothman get his information and how does he get it?

Interestingly, Rothman is rarely found visiting a racecourse, as most of his work is done via phone or Internet. To make things clear, Rothman is not a relay agent; he forms unique selections that come from his large network that took years to build. This network is composed of informers that are private handicappers, other professional punters, gallop watchers, as well as bookie spies. Rothman places bets for his informants, offering great prices, anonymity and a payout. Some of his regular contacts are even paid a standard salary.

How can a member know they will not get ripped off?

Rothman’s service accepts payment by results, allowing newcomers a chance to feel it out and determine for themselves if they feel comfortable within the community. Since the member has the chance to cancel at any time, he or she can always feel in control of their money and decisions. Why does Rothman not just make these bets himself?

As noted before, Rothman’s track record has made it difficult for him to place bets with professional bookies, as most have banned him for his continuous winning selections. By passing his information on to trusted members of his service, he is able to provide individuals with an opportunity to make money; in exchange, members place a bet for the service.

Is there a guarantee that members win?

Gambling is called gambling for a reason; the Racing Advisory Service knows this, and makes no claims that a member can ever know for sure he or she will win. However, Bob Rothman explains that his service is trusted because of its 30 to 40 percent strike rate and Rothman’s personal 20-year success in the field. Most casual gamblers are known to lose because they have not put in the time to work out the system and statistically weigh the odds and recommended prices; with Bob Rothman and his service, these individuals can finally tap into this prized source of information that can lead to improved winning odds.

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